Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Garage Doors have proven beneficial for any domestic or business premises for a number of benefits.

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Insulated Garage Doors with Urban Rollerz

When it comes to safeguarding your home or business from the elements, enhancing energy efficiency, and elevating the overall aesthetic appeal, insulated garage doors are a game-changer. At Urban Rollerz, we understand the importance of these doors in maintaining the comfort, security, and functionality of your space. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into what insulated garage doors are, highlight three key selling points, and explore various types available to meet your specific needs.

What Are Insulated Garage Doors?

Insulated garage doors are a specially designed type of garage door constructed with insulation materials to provide thermal and sound insulation. They effectively create a barrier between your indoor space and the external environment, helping to regulate temperature and reduce noise levels.

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Secure Your Property With Insulated Garage Doors

Urban Rollerz offers a variety of Insulated Garage Doors, including domestic, commercial, and industrial options, to cater to different property needs.


Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Insulated garage doors are renowned for their remarkable energy-saving properties. By minimizing heat transfer, these doors help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your garage throughout the year. This not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers heating and cooling costs.


Superior Noise Reduction

One of the standout features of insulated garage doors is their ability to dampen sound. Whether you’re working on DIY projects in your garage or simply want a quieter space, these doors can significantly reduce noise from both inside and outside, ensuring peace and tranquility.


Increased Durability and Security

Insulated garage doors are robust and built to last. Their construction materials provide added strength, making them more resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, they enhance security by acting as an additional barrier to potential intruders, safeguarding your valuable belongings.

Types Of Insulated Garage Doors

Urban Rollerz offers a variety of Insulated Garage Doors, including domestic, commercial, and industrial options, to cater to different property needs.

Sectional Insulated Garage Doors

Sectional insulated garage doors are composed of multiple horizontal panels that open vertically. They are known for their smooth operation and efficient use of space. These doors are ideal for those looking for a sleek and modern design.

Roller Insulated Garage Doors

Roller insulated garage doors are a practical choice for spaces with limited ceiling clearance. They roll upward into a compact coil when opened, maximizing the available space in your garage.

Side Hinged Insulated Garage Doors

Side-hinged insulated garage doors swing open like traditional doors, providing easy access to your garage. They are an excellent choice for those who use their garage for more than just vehicle storage.

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Insulated Garage Door Features

Insulated Garage Doors can have a range of additional security features added Check out the below list for just a few added possible features:

  • Advanced Security Features
  • Side Seals
  • Weather Seals
  • Wicket Gates
  • Perforated Curtain
  • Punched Curtain
  • Wind Guides
  • Radar
  • Remote Controls
  • Key Switches

These are just a few of the additional features that can be added to your order should you feel that a insulated garage door is correct for you. If you’re not sure give our friendly team a quick call

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